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Editing Services

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Do you worry that your published documents have errors?

I can help!

Hiring an editor can save you time and money plus enhance your reputation.


I ensure your information is suitable for your audience. 

Types of editing

I offer:

  • structural editing

  • stylistic (line) editing

  • copy editing

  • proofreading, and plain language writing and editing. 

For more about editing, including costs, please complete a contact form. 

Examples of editing:

  • Organize and shape manuscripts and reports (structural edit)

  • Clarify meaning, logic and flow and add visual elements to your documents (stylistic/line edit)

  • Edit for grammar, spelling, completeness and consistency in letters, reports, and promotional material (copyedit)

  • Examine your material after layout to correct errors in text and/or visuals (proofreading)

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